Connect to a Wi-Fi Access Point

(over great distances)

This article presents a method of connecting a home network to a wireless internet access point using a low-cost directional roof antenna and a wireless ethernet bridge.

Let's say your neighbor down the street mentioned that he doesn't mind you using his new wireless internet access point.  The neighbor got the newest, highest powered access point on the market, but unfortunately the signal still won't penetrate the walls of your house.  Out in your back yard you can get a faint signal, but that's just not enough for the kind of internet browsing you're interested in.  For all practical purposes, this is a "public hotspot" and because you have been granted permission to use it, you will not be breaking any laws by implementing the ideas presented here.


This problem can probably be solved by using a low cost (or home-made) directional antenna to receive a stronger signal from the neighbor's wifi router.  With the antenna installed on your roof, and hopefully a little line-of-sight between your antenna and the approximate location of the access point you want to connect to.  Once your antenna is installed, it can be connected to a wireless ethernet bridge.  A bridge connects two networks together, and in our case will connect your home network to that wifi access point down the street.

Bridging your home network to a public hotspot

Step by Step

1. Plan the Network

2. Get Supplies and Hardware

3. Install Everything

4. Configure the Network

5. Final Notes

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