Bridge Your Home Network to a Hotspot

How to Connect to a Wireless Hotspot over Long Distance

The Scenario On Which this Wi-Fi Bridging Instruction Guide is based.

Planning Your Home Network

What to think about before buying anything or doing anything.

Wireless Networking Supplies and Hardware

This page provides a list of items necessary to implement this wireless ethernet networking plan. Includes suggestions on where to find this type of hardware.

Wireless Bridging: Installation

How to actually install the whole thing once your plan is complete and you have acquired all the necessary parts, tools, and components.

Configure your Network

It's not as scary as it sounds, trust me. Most of this stuff is actually covered in the installation guides and user manuals that come with the networking gear we have purchased.

Wi-Fi Bridging: Final Notes

The finishing touches.

Final Notes on Bridging a Public Hotspot

Implementing this plan or a derivative of it can actually save you lots and lots of money. Seriously, it can. This page also contains many useful links to other sites and information that can help.

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